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Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles, Wii ports of RE0 and REmake all shambling to North America


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This is thriller -- thriller morning! First revealed via Famitsu scans, Capcom has officially confirmed the existence of the new Wii Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles -- and confirmed a North American release at the same time! The Darkside Chronicles is based on the Resident Evil 2 timeline and stars Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield in an Umbrella Chronicles-style rail shooter with "a more in-depth co-op experience" and a new "Evade system." The Cavia-developed shooter is expected this winter.

In addition, Capcom is localizing the Wii ports of Resident Evil Zero (which Capcom's US branch previously declined at least twice) and the Resident Evil remake (which, as a port of a remake, is basically a zombie itself now) as a new "Resident Evil Classics" line for release this year. Both games feature new Wii Remote controls and will sell at a $29.99 price point, just like Nintendo's own ported Gamecube games!

Update: Check Famitsu for a trailer!

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