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Sirius-XM to begin iPhone streaming this spring

Mel Martin

It won't be a major surprise to people who have been following the ups and downs of this story, but on an earnings conference call this morning satellite radio provider Sirius/XM confirmed that it will provide streaming to iPhones and iPod touch devices.

CEO Mel Kamarzin said "by streaming its music, sports and talk channels to users of the iPhone and iPod Touch, Sirius can give its existing subscribers another way to access content and let new customers sign up without buying new radios"

The announcement today makes it clear what happened to the much awaited StarPlayr application that was about to be released and then was killed by the developers, likely on advice from Sirius/XM that the player would not be allowed.

Sirius now has 19 million subscribers, which is 10 percent higher than a year ago. Nevertheless, Sirius took a 4th quarter loss of $245.5 million dollars.

Sirius almost went bankrupt, until Liberty Media bailed them out last month with a $530 million investment.

Thanks to Justin and others who tipped us to this story

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