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Sony's CMT-LX30iR USB micro system loves on Apple devices

Darren Murph

Sony caved long ago and began producing sound systems for devices Designed in California™, so it's no real shock to see it delivering yet another variant that handles iPods and iPhones. The CMT-LX30iR, which has yet to be certified as real by Sony in North America, will purportedly aim at lower-end consumers by giving 'em just ten total watts of oomph, a slot-loading CD player, FM / AM radio, line-in and a headphone jack. There's also a remarkably basic 1-line LCD and a few equalizer presets, and the one-touch CD-to-USB Sync Recording is a fine touch. The unit has surfaced over on Amazon's German portal for €161 ($202), though we've no idea how pricey it'll be (or what it'll be called, for that matter) whenever Sony decides to take a hint and ship it stateside.

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