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Bioshock 2: Rapture sure has changed [update]


Update: A 2K employee was kind enough to hop on the forums and clarify this for us, stating the "rumor circulating is not true." Well then, that's that. For the real details, you'll want to check this post out.

Have you cats heard of this Bioshock 2 game? Well, apparently it's a big deal. It's on the cover of the latest Game Informer and everything. Some folks that subscribed to that magazine have received the latest issue and headed right for the 2K forums, taking care to drop all of the deets about the sequel.

According to posts over there, the game takes place 7 years after the original and stars Jake Abbot, a private investigator sent to Rapture to find a girl abducted by the Big Sister. Oh, and there's supposedly only 1 Big Sister, and no Big Daddies. It's stated the game will feature 2-player co-op and new enemies, including Soviet soldiers, spliced dogs (what the funk?), and bi-pedal robots (you can hack them). New Plasmids are also mentioned, such as one that grants you the ability to slow down time and another that allows you to hear the thoughts of your enemies, revealing keypad codes and enemy weaknesses. There is said to also be underwater exploration segments, where the player will have to don a scuba suit to access some of the flooded areas of Rapture.

And that's about it. Sound legit? If you happen to have received your issue of Game Informer, send us a picture verifying this. We'll be your BFF.

[Via Shacknews]

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