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Fall Out Boy goes on Oregon Trail, dies of starvation

Jason Dobson

We're used to winning our concert tickets by being the ninth caller or answering obscure trivia (the kind that only someone with a pillow shaped like the singer would know). The band Fall Out Boy, however, has other plans. The Illinois rockers recently rolled out a faithful parody of edutainment classic The Oregon Trail for fans to play for a chance to score passes to the band's latest North America tour.

The game, appropriately titled Fall Out Boy Trail, sets players upon a long and arduous tour that mixes together original elements, such as rationing food (band mates need delicious McNuggets and Vitamin Water to stay healthy) with Guitar Hero-style minigames that test even the quickest fingers. Unfortunately, our attempts to reach the end of the tour thus far have been felled by dehydration, constipation or the occasional zombie surfer. Still, as fun as it is the watch the pixelated band suffer at our hands, we're just as interested to read your misadventures with the alternative rock quartet in the comments below.

[Via The Escapist]

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