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Adorable new pet screens from Free Realms

Just when you think it couldn't possibly get any more awesomely cute, Free Realms breaks out with a bunch of screenshots of some of the pet friends you can get while playing through the game. While some are dressed to the nines like the dog in Indiana Jones type adventuring gear above, and the dog we've affectionately dubbed 'the pup Lebowski' (he really needs a rug, don't you think?), other preview screens we've gotten from the folks over at SOE just show off some interactions between the pets and their owners during play. Our gallery is set to burst from the sheer amount of adorable in there!

With the option of going free-to-play, picking up an optional subscription for $4.99 - cheaper than its nearest subscription-optioned competitor, FusionFall, at $5.95 for one account - and so many different ways to play, Free Realms is definitely showing it's out to raise the bar in the family MMO space. Now, maybe if we can perfect our own version of adorably irresistable puppy-dog eyes, SOE will think we're cute, and send over some Free Realms beta keys for us!

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