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E-ON offers 100 million ISK reward for your best EVE Online screenshots

James Egan

E-ON, the official magazine of EVE Online, is running a contest where your best screenshots could net you 100 million ISK for each shot they publish in the April issue. E-ON editor Zapatero, who we interviewed in November, said what he's looking for on the E-ON blog, 'Postings from the Edge':

"What we're after are your screenshots. They can be of ships mining, travelling or fighting. They can be pilots tending to starbases, searching for wormholes or epic battles against Sleeper ships. In fact they can be of anything from inside New Eden, they just have to be good-looking images. The very best that we receive will be published in the edition of EON that's out next month."

The screenshot contest rules are pretty simple:

  • Premium client images only.
  • No user interface in the images, so hit ALT-F9 to toggle.
  • Remember to give your character or alt's name, and where you've taken the shot.
  • Add commentary to what you're sending along if possible.

For the full details, check out the announcement on the EVE Online website as well as Zapatero's own explanation at Postings from the Edge.

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