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Sanya Weathers on admitting you're an MMOG gamer

Joe Blancato

Sanya Weathers, a.k.a. Tweety, recently published a guide to breaking the news to your loved ones about your MMOG habit. She keeps her advice lighthearted throughout, but her tips are good ones.

For instance, here's how she disarms those who outright scoff at the hobby: "If the person you're talking to gets dismissive, keep your cool. Ask how much television they watch. Ask if television is active or passive. Ask how many people a television viewer is interacting with, or working with towards common goals."

Weathers has made her rounds in the MMOG industry before. She originally got her start at Mythic Entertainment after a blogging stint on the famed Lum the Mad MMOG rant site her rant site, as well as venerable rant site While she does freelance work, her current home is Eating Bees, where she blogs about community management issues.

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