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Second Sins of a Solar Empire micro-expansion might take a while

With one out of the three planned "micro-expansions" for their flagship strategy title Sins of a Solar Empire under its belt, developer Ironclad Games has begun discussing changes included in the second batch of new content. Here's the good news: Ironclad is deep-sixing the current diplomacy system in favor of a deeper, more functional one. There's other minor changes as well, such as the inclusion of new terms of victory -- but peaceable relations seem to be the name of the game in expansion part deux.

Here's the inescapable bad news: Due to the radical changes the second expansion will bring about, it'll be a while before its ready to launch. Considering the first expansion missed three of its tentative launch windows, Ironclad co-founder Blair Frasier was gunshy when it came to revealing the release date for the new expansion. In his own words: "It'll be done when it's done." Brilliant.

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