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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup meets the Bigs

We were all fairly surprised by Game Informer's revelation of the Big Sister, an apparent staple in the upcoming sequel to 2007's nautical blockbuster Bioshock, but really, we were holding out hope for appearances of other branches of the Big family tree. Sure, you don't get much scarier than a drill toting, iron-clad behemoth -- though an appearance by 1984's brainwashing Big Brother would have been a nice touch. Or better yet, why not a cameo by Big Momma, the unforgettable role portrayed by master thespian Martin Lawrence? We always thought the Bioshock series needed a touch of heartwarming sass.

Here's our seven favorite webcomics that en-Raptured us over this past week. You know the giant, weaponized drill -- vote for your favorite after the break, and make suggestions for other wrap-uppable strips in the comments.

Your Mileage May Vary. By a Lot. (Dipswitch)
Untitled (AVGW)
A Strict Training Regimen (SideScroller)
The Nature of Man (Penny Arcade)
Fortune (Digital Unrest)
Celebration (BitF)
Historical Fiction (HyperComboFinish)


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