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PSA: Run! Left 4 Dead's Tank now bats 1000

Before this glorious weekend began, Valve listed a few fixes the latest update of Left 4 Dead addressed. Apart from your standard server and back end issue fixes -- listed after the break -- Valve saw fit to update the Tank. Clearly the unholy creature was taken down a notch because of his behemoth desire for absolute destruction, right? Actually, the Tank was given the ability to hit all survivors with one melee strike. In essence, he's more ruthless than ever before.

Of course the repercussions of such an evil act will mostly be felt in the game's Versus Mode but we can't help but wonder which side Valve is on. Is it their aim to ruin survivor morale for the actual (and inevitable) zombie apocalypse? Perhaps Left 4 Dead was designed by zombies, for zombies, to test the human spirit and to see how resilient we really are. We don't know your little game Valve but we're watching you. Oh, and stop asking us to web cam you pictures of our skulls -- it's weird. Wait a minute...

  • Fixed sv_search_key appearing in server browser
  • Fixed issue where changing the sv_search_key did not update the master correctly
  • Fixed master server issue with Linux fork mode that affected availability of Valve dedicated servers
  • Tank melee attack can now hit multiple Survivors in one swing
  • Missed from the previous list changes: Fixed acheivements to match stats. Past achievements not previously awarded will be shown in the game UI

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