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Rumor: BioShock 2 to feature multiplayer


If you ever thought to yourself, "Yeah, BioShock is great, but I really wish it had a CTF mode," then this is the post for you! The Game Informer issue with all of the details on BioShock 2 is finally starting to get into people's hands, and one tidbit indicates that the 2K Marin-developed sequel will indeed feature multiplayer, though the extent of that mode is uncertain at this time. We're not privy as to exactly what multiplayer modes will be available, but we've got a few choice ideas of our own.
  • Big Daddy: This one is a given, with one player taking on the role of Big Daddy, scoring points with each kill. The remaining players must work together (and against each other) to take him down, with the player that dealt the killing blow taking over the role of Big Daddy in the next round.
  • Splice and Dice: This mode is team-based, and features one side of melee weapon-wielding Splicers who are allowed one Plasmid power. The opposing side is composed of plain old humans. With guns.
  • Team Slayer: It's UNSC Spartans vs. the Covenant aliens in this fight to the death. Players fight until one side reaches 50 points.
  • Little Sister Convoy: One team is tasked with escorting a Little Sister from Point A to Point B. While transporting her, the opposing team must take down the convoy and nab the Little Sister for themselves.
Care to come up with a few of your own?

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