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Call for candidates in EVE Online's player-elected Council of Stellar Management

James Egan

Lost in the blitz of info about the Apocrypha expansion for EVE Online was the fact that CCP Games announced a call for candidates for the 3rd Council of Stellar Management (CSM). The CSM is a council of representatives of the playerbase, elected by the players themselves, who work with CCP Games to ensure that the development pipeline reflects the interests of the subscribers.

Being a CSM delegate can be both time-consuming and stressful, as past and present reps Jade Constantine and LaVista Vista have told us. Still, it offers players a chance at helping to shape the game they love, something which few other MMO developers would ever allow. Already on the CSM's radar for the next group of delegates is reworking (lawless) 0.0 space and its entrenched system of sovereignty, which is no small task.

EVE Online developer CCP Xhagen announced the details of the call for candidates for the 3rd Council of Stellar Management last week, and players can toss their hats in the ring as of tomorrow, March 17th. CCP Games has broken down the timeline for the next Council of Stellar Management as follows:

  • March, 17th. Opening for candidacy runs for the third CSM.
  • March, 31st. Closing for the candidacy applications.
  • May, 12th. Voting for the third CSM opens.
  • May, 26th. Voting for the third CSM closes.
  • May, 29th, Thursday. A permanent announcement made about the results of the third CSM elections.
  • May, 31st, Saturday. The third CSM meets online for the first time.
  • August, 19th - 23rd or 26th - 30th, Wednesday to Sunday. CSM arrives in Iceland to speak with CCP.

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