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Comcast COO talks internet streaming, la carte pricing

Darren Murph

Looking for an inside view of the cable company realm? How's about a mouthful from Comcast COO Steve Burke? Said executive recently sat down for an interview with TechFlash, and we have to say, it's one of the most interesting reads we've seen in awhile. When addressing questions on internet streaming, he noted that watching video online is really just a complement to pay-TV (and not a substitute), and he also asserted that internet TV was a friend of Comcast given that over 16 million people rely on its high-speed connections to view it every single day. Still, we found this quote incredibly telling:

"We and the programmers are going to want to make sure that the cable programming that people pay for when they get basic TV service doesn't go completely on the Internet, so there is still a reason to subscribe to cable."

We'd elaborate, but really, it speaks for itself. On the topic of à la carte pricing, he simply stated that content producers wouldn't let it happen. While networks like ESPN would draw millions, lesser known channels would likely be forced to shut down if people could specifically avoid paying for them. There's far too much in the interview to cover in this space, but be sure to give it a look and report back with comments. We know you'll have a few.

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