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Dockers shakes up mobile ad space with motion-sensitive iPhone plugs

Darren Murph

Seriously, what will these marketing gurus think up next? As if banner ads and pop-ups weren't enough to draw our attention to whatever product a given company is attempting to sell, Dockers has reportedly whipped up the world's first motion-sensitive ad for Apple's iPhone. The so-called "shakable" ad (dubbed Shakedown 2 Get Down), which is "available" in a number of popular iPhone apps (iBasketball, iGolf, iBowl and iTV just to name a few) takes advantage of the built-in accelerometer and gives iPhone owners the ability to believe they're playing a game while they're subliminally being talked into buying a new pair of pants. We're hesitant to even speak it, but we get the feeling that Dockers and partner OMD have just created a monster here.

[Via AdAge]

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