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EEDAR predicts February NPD sales decline, Wii sales explosion

The industry analysts at Electronic Entertainment Design and Research recently cast their assortment of oracle bones over some spreadsheets in an attempt to foretell NPD sales figures for the month of February. The firm's prediction is a tad on the grim side -- according to EEDAR, February software sales reached $659 million, a 2 percent decrease from last year's sales. They foresee a year-on-year decline for Spring 2009 sales as a whole, largely due to last year's glut of blockbuster Q1 releases, such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl and GTA IV.

EEDAR's hardware sales estimates are similarly un-rosy -- they predict year-on-year February sales for the PSP, DS and PS3 to fall over 10 percent. However, the firm does predict an 18 percent increase for the 360, and a whopping 68 percent jump for the Wii. With Wii Fit standing atop EEDAR's software sales chart, and with Wii Play presumably surpassing 10 million LTD sales as of last month, it seems Nintendo's license to print money is far from expiring.

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