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Sony Ericsson C905s getting returned at a disturbing rate?

Chris Ziegler

The C905's specs are enough to make even the occasional smartphone devotee swoon, but here's the thing: an 8.1 megapixel slider with AGPS, WiFi, and TV-out is about as useful as a PS3 running Vista if the firmware keeps crashing and burning. It seems that specific batches of C905s sold in the UK have been returned at crazy high rates -- up to 30 percent -- on account of nasty firmware bugs and unidentified "speaker faults," a problem eerily reminiscent of the earpiece problems recently seen on the European version of the Nokia 5800. For what it's worth, Sony Ericsson is aware of the problem and appears to be taking steps to correct it -- but unfortunately for those guys, most of the returners are probably lost to competing handsets at this point.

[Via Daily Mobile]

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