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Suspected pedophile targets Texas girl using PS3 and camera


Texas ABC affiliate ABC-13 is reporting that a 24-year-old Kentucky man, named Anthony Scott O'Shea, was using his PlayStation 3 to request nude self-pictures from an 11-year-old Texas girl. According to police, Mr. O'Shea did not own a computer and was solely employing his PS3 and the PlayStation Network to speak with the girl. When she refused to take them, he supposedly threatened to remove her from his friends list, saying, "Friends do things for each other. You're on my friends list. If you don't, I'm gonna remove you."

Using a camera attached to her PS3, the Texas girl then sent Mr. O'Shea the pictures which, according to police, Mr. O'Shea distributed through email "across the country." Parents of the 11-year-old girl notified authorities immediately when they found out about the actions, but apparently their daughter remained steadfast in her opinion of Mr. O'Shea, asking police, "Why is my friend going to jail?" Mr. O'Shea is being charged with:
  • Sexual performance of a child
  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Promotion of child pornography
Those sound like three pretty good reasons right there. According to GamePolitics, Sony provided technical assistance to the Texas police in helping to track down O'Shea.

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