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15 Minutes of Fame: Solo healing Naxx 10, Part 2


You're a keybind caster, right?
I have everything bar mana potions keybound, and that's only because I'm too cheap to risk accidentally drinking one without needing it. I don't like clicking; it's horribly ineffective. As for my healing methods, I'm old school and like to target people before I heal them, meaning I don't use any mods that allow me to click heal. I target people on my grid, then heal them.

I could have sworn I saw Clique on the list of mods you posted in the Bliz forums.
You did. I use Clique for click-dispelling and click-cleansing on my Grid. I was running out of hotkeys, so that seemed like the best option.

Do you move with the mouse?
I move with both my keyboard and my mouse, actually. I almost always use autorun when I move, which I activate on my mouse. I also always hold down the right mouse button (strafe) when I move. Then I just use the A and D to strafe.

Did you wear any special gear? We notice you seem to favor +healing and Spirit-based regen. Do you normally play around with the FSR (Five-Second Rule) a lot? Did you find that being the only caster put a lot more emphasis on mp5 and regen inside the FSR?
I always wear a very balanced set of gear for raiding; this was no exception. I always try to stay above 1000 Spirit and Intellect, 20%+ Crit and 10% Haste – unbuffed, of course.

For this particular run, I did use two Spirit trinkets instead of Spellpower trinkets, though, as I figured I'd need all the mana I could get. I always play around with the FSR when I heal. With a bit of luck, I can regen more than half of my mana pool by chaining Clearcasts, Inner Focus and Spirit trinkets. However, that wasn't really possible during this run for obvious reasons. I was more or less chain-casting non-stop. My Majestic Dragon Figurine really came in handy there.

What consumables did you use during this run?
I used the same consumables as I always use on raids: a Flask of Distilled Wisdom and either Crit or Spirit food, depending on the fight.

Did you have Replenishment available?
I did. We had both a Shadow Priest and a Survival Hunter.

Did you ever run out of mana?
Never, not even close. I used my Shadowfiend three times, all of which were precautionary just in case something would hit the fan. The only time I used a mana potion was on Sapphiron, and I didn't use my Shadowfiend there. So it's pretty safe to say that mana was never an issue.

Let's talk about your background. How old are you and what do you do outside the game?
I am 22 years old. I work independently as a tutor while searching for an internship to finish my education.

What country are you located in?
I live in Denmark; always have been. English is hardly my first language.

You've mentioned healing with a Druid. Can you tell us about your healing experience?
I have been healing as a Priest almost as long as I have played WoW. I started in vanilla and continued until about 7-8 months before Wrathshipped. I had too many real-life commitments at that time, so I had to stop playing WoW for a while. When I finally came back, I decided it was time to try something different, so I rolled a Druid. On said Druid, I got to both heal and tank almost all the content in TBC, and when Wrath came, I made him the main tank of my guild. So I guess my healing experience isn't as diversified as one might think, as the Druid was always tanking.

So Prrancer is a new character?
Prancer was the name of my first priest; unfortunately, I gave that account to a friend when I stopped playing. So when I finally decided to roll a new Priest, about three months into Wrath, I made it look identical to my old Priest in every way, including the name -- well, as close as I could get, anyway.

I leveled him up quickly using the Refer-a-Friend program and healed Naxx 10 in full greens the day after I hit 80, which was early February. It was an interesting run, to say the least. My fellow Shaman healer wasn't very good at keeping himself alive, so I often had to solo heal the last 50-60% of bosses. We managed, though, and that's the night I fell in love with Priests all over again. He has been my main ever since.

Your guild sounds relatively new, as well.

I formed the guild when patch 3.0 hit. My friends had all been wanting me to make my own raiding guild for a very long time so that we could all play together again. Basically what it boiled down to was that no one was expected to have a high raid attendance, as most of our members have a lot to deal with in real life. We were completely casual in that aspect. We still are somewhat casual, at least outside of raids.

As soon as we are in a raid though, I demand top performance from everyone with zero slacking of any kind. Discipline in raids is a keystone of the guild and always will be. To this day, we have never had any problems killing anything we have faced in very few attempts, but we're still having problems getting enough people to fill our heroic raids. Jaedenar is not the best server to be a recruiting Horde guild on.

We didn't clear Naxx until 1/19/09, as we never had enough to people to form a full raid back then. This priest, on the other hand, didn't set foot in Naxx until about three weeks ago, as I made (this character) after Wrath had launched. We were off to a late start, so we have yet to try and take on three drakes on either difficulty. Everything else is more or less on farm, though.

What's next for you in WoW?
Well, my guild is going to start working on 3 Drakes on both difficulties. Myself, I am going to start working on solo healing more challenging things: Malygos, Sartharion + 1 drake and most importantly, an Undying run.

From the sound of it, it'll be a piece of cake. We'll look for an update from you when you check those accomplishments off your list. Best of luck!

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