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LG VX11000 hits the FCC, presumably Verizon-bound

Chris Ziegler

Seems like just yesterday we were speculating about the LG VX10000 as we spotted it trying to sneak through the FCC approval process -- a phone that would later go on to become the Voyager -- but in reality, that all went down a year and a half ago, and the Voyager's starting to get a little long in the tooth. What's next, LG? The answer may come in the form of the VX11000, a phone fully 1,000 more than the VX10000 before it (though we're sure that model number will be well-concealed with a trademarked name by the time it hits retail). We'd love to speculate more about the device, but other than the fact that it's a CDMA phone with Bluetooth and EV-DO, we really don't know what to expect. Any good theories out there?

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