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Realms are up


The extended maintenance has ended, and it appears most (if not all) realms are up and available for use.

Today's extended maintenance was particularly painful for me. I had to do the following, in order:

  • Wake up and write The Queue
  • Work on a couple other things for WoW Insider
  • Clean the cat's box
  • Go out to Barns & Noble and buy season 3 of Weeds and a couple books
  • Pickup a Strawberry and Cream drink from the Starbucks at B&N
  • Come home and take a nap
  • Wake up from said nap with my cat stepping on my liver
  • Make this post
Phew! But now that the realms are up I can get back to the thing I really love... riding in circles around Dalaran on my mount for hours as I wait for groups to form.

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