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Samsung's first Android handset revealed?


Mr. Blurrycam, meet your worst nightmare: Samsung's first Android handset. This marvelous conglomeration of vaguely-defined pixels unveiled at a Samsung dealer show in Amsterdam is about all we've got to go on so far, but it looks to be the real deal. Apparently the phone will have a capacitive touchscreen, rock a 528MHz processor, have some beefy (but as-yet-undefined) internal storage and microSD expansion. We're also happy to hear the phone will (supposedly) have quad-band GSM, and will come in UMTS 900 and UMTS 2100 flavors for the US and Europe, respectively. Since none of this is "official" as of yet, we'll take it all with a healthy dose of hard-earned skepticism, but it's looking like Samsung's just about ready to give this thing a formal welcome.

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