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The Behemoth reveals trailer for third game


Developer The Behemoth has released its first trailer for The Crying Sugar Cube Leprechaun -- OK, that's not the real title, but the game doesn't have a name yet ... so deal. Actual details on the unnamed party platformer are pretty scarce at the moment, with no price, console nor game details announced. What we do know is that the game is expected in 2010, but considering what happened with Castle Crashers, let's just put 2010 in the category of hopeful dreaming for now. Let's also pray that any online play actually works on day one this time.

All The Behemoth would say is that the game is in the "very super early development stage right now." Check out the video after the break for an idea of what to expect from The Crying ... we gotta stop, that's how fake rumors about titles get started.

[Thanks, RazorD]

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