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Dancing Woz cries foul, then backs down


He was resplendent in a pink satin shirt and geek glasses, but based on his comments earlier one might have thought he should dress in "anger-management purple" instead.

Steve Wozniak, Apple's co-founder and current Dancing With The Stars contestant, picked a fight yesterday with the show's producers as he claimed they were faking results to engineer better ratings. His presence in the bottom two pairings, who had to dance for their lives (and no, I won't spoil it for the TiVo crowd by telling you which one -- Woz or Belinda Carlisle -- is foxtrotting home), was cited as prima facie evidence of a rigged count.

After a cooling-off period, as CNET reports, Woz has updated his Facebook notes on the show to say that the production team has given him a detailed briefing and tour of the vote count configuration, and he now understands the integrity of the process -- he's apologized for his freak-out and he's promised to be a model citizen from now on. Nothing like giving a geek a tour of the server room to smooth ruffled feathers, even if those feathers are on a boa and accessorizing a lovely pair of patent leather tap shoes.

[via MacDailyNews]

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