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Namco Bandai now owns 95% of D3 Publisher

Namco Bandai has gobbled up 19,990 shares of D3 Publisher, giving them ownership of 95.02% of the company. Siliconera reports the house that Pacman built has purchased the majority of the company at a combined buyout value of 1,239,380,000 yen ($12.55 million). In mid February, Namco Bandai -- who at the time made deals with D3's board, resulting in a 70% ownership of the company -- announced plans to purchase the remaining 30% of D3 Publisher stock. The remaining shares were purchased at the originally announced offer of ¥62,000 (US$626) per share (which sounds crazy to us).

D3 Publisher owns the overseas rights to the Ben 10 franchise as well as the Vicious Engine, the back end that powered such PSP titles as Dead Head Fred and 300: March to Glory. D3 is also responsible for Dark Sector and the OneChanbara franchise. Can someone say "buyers remorse?"

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