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Namco Bandai working on Gundam VOD service for PS3

Majed Athab

Gundam fans just might have a new way of rewatching the original series. According to Andriasang, Namco Bandai was showing off a prototype Gundam video-on-demand service for PS3 at the Tokyo International Anime Fair. It's called Gundam Viewchives and apparently won't be like any old VOD service, since it will allow users to view specific scenes and "keywords" in addition to whole episodes. The idea behind this is to create some sort of hybrid VOD/encyclopedia where Gundam fans can experience the series in a new way.

Users of the service can search through 400 keywords and look up detailed information, which will include a list of individual scenes relating to that keyword. There will be over 800 individual scenes taken from the original 43 episodes. Namco Bandai also plans to make the service a social experience featuring chat options with other fans.

Gundam Viewchives is currently still in the "research" stage. If something like this actually gets out the door and becomes a hit, imagine what other anime series could follow next. Perhaps it could spawn a grander initiative for other television series and ilk. We'll keep an eye on this one.

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