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Oops! Unfinished Merchants of Brooklyn hits Steam


The stylized violence of Paleo Entertainment's debut FPS effort, the CryEngine 2-based Merchants of Brooklyn, hit Steam yesterday with plenty of blood, guts -- and bugs. Lots and lots of bugs, like the kind you'd find by cracking open a Brooklyn sewer drain. That's because the version of the game delivered by the service was actually an early alpha build. Ouch.

It naturally didn't take long for Steam's forums to boil over with the rage of purchasers who felt they'd just been had by the Merchants. Paleo later fessed up via its forums, saying that, "Unfortunately, the incorrect version went up on Steam. The Alpha version was released initially, this has been corrected." But has it?

Giant Bomb reports that, after taking Paleo's advice and letting the "correct" version download, the game was still rife with glitches. We've contacted the publisher, but our request for comment has yet to be returned.

[Update: We heard back from Paleo Entertainment's reps, who sent along the following statement on the mix-up: "There was an official statement that confirmed an incorrect, a.k.a. early build, was initially released but was quickly rectified. Paleo apologized for the inconvenience but took swift matters to work with Valve to get the correct version up so there should be no issues. The Paleo team are very proud of their first product, and are committed to sharing more content (features) and correcting any issues that arise."]

[Via Shacknews]

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