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Preview'd! Sonic Universe the comic

Few beloved characters from our childhood have fallen quite as hard as Sonic the Hedgehog. After numerous franchise reboots that included an inappropriate romp with a Princess and a Werehog scare, Sonic looks to recapture an audience ... in comic book form!

From the pages of Archie Comics comes Sonic Universe -- the monthly series, on its soon-to-ship second issue. Sonic Universe trails Shadow the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic taking their rivalry to a whole new dimension. Fans of the franchise will enjoy settle callbacks to simpler, and better, Sonic times, like the above flashback to Sonic Adventure 2 where Sonic and Shadow went Mano-e-Mano Hedgehog-e-(artificially created)-Hedgehog for the first time. Seeing as though this is published by Archie Comics, we can't wait to see the issue where Blaze the Cat goes up against Mr. Weatherbee.

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