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PS3 price cut murmurs continue, PSP added into the mix

Majed Athab

You've probably heard of this supposed PS3 price cut just about a bazillion times from people who want it, say it's coming and even from people who don't think it's going to work. So, it shouldn't be too surprising to hear that there's even more on this ongoing rumor. The latest involves a "major UK high street retailer" speaking to CVG about the PS3 price drop and -- get this -- a PSP price slash, too. The unnamed retailer says both cuts are "definitely coming soon" but were unable to give specifics.

Yesterday, we broke the news that a new PS3 SKU will be available by the end of the month; however, there is no price drop included with this new bundle. This means that the British retailer could be referring to a Europe-only drop or their definition of 'soon' might be much further off. Most analysts expect a price cut to hit sometime around June -- E3 time.

[Via GameDaily]

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