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Rumor: Cryptic using City of Heroes for Champions beta recruitment

Kyle Horner

According to a forum post on, City of Heroes players have allegedly been receiving Champions Online beta solicitations from Cryptic Studios via NCsoft's official game forums and in-game message system.

Our initial reaction to this claim was to feel highly speculative, considering that phishing scams will try just about anything. However, a news post on the City of Heroes website recently stated, "Although we cannot stop someone from initially communicating with you - whether it be RMT (real money transaction) related, another game company trying to lure you to their competing product, or general spamming..." which gives rise to some concern.

If true, it's a highly unprofessional move compounded by the fact that much of the existing CoH development team are ex-Cryptic staffers. Still, we're going to have to file this one as a rumor. Cryptic has been asked for a comment on the matter. We'll keep this post updated with any new developments.

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