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DC Direct prepping Ratchet & Clank action figures


DC Comics toy line, DC Direct, is adding a familiar (but non-DC) property its upcoming action figure lineup: Ratchet & Clank. Consummate comics blog Newsarama managed to snag a first glimpse of the line, which DC unveiled at today's ComicsPRO 2009 industry event.

Prototypes of three series headliners -- Ratchet, Doctor Nefarious and Captain Quark -- have been shown thus far. What? Oh yes, Clank is a headliner, too. He's also one of three sidekick figures which we, er, figure will come packaged with their respective partners. DC Direct hasn't priced or dated the line as of yet, but you can see a high-res photo of its first (and possibly only) wave at the source link.

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