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Mega Man 2.5D demo breaks our hearts in two-and-a-half dimensions

We've seen Capcom's beloved blue bomber tackle misanthropic Robot Masters on a single plane. We've seen him bust hard-hatted Mets in 3D with the Mega Man Legends series. Graphic designer Peter Sjostrand recently introduced a bold dimensional direction for the series to exploit: Both 2D and 3D. Or is it neither? We can't be sure -- it's been a while since we last read Flatland.

Rather than try and explain the mind-expanding physics featured in Sjostrand's Mega Man 2.5D, we direct your attention to the demo video posted after the break. It's got kind of a Paper Mario thing going on, only with more automatonical violence and less, well, paper. However, considering Sjostrand's background as an animator and not a developer, we doubt this is actual gameplay video. We're really sad, now. Probably will be all day.

[Via The Tanooki]

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