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SCEA exec: PS3 is going to 'stand the test of time'

In a recent interview with GameDaily, SCEA Senior Vice President of Marketing Peter Dille responded to the multitude of rumors claiming the PS3 will see a price drop in the coming months. Simply put, Dille explained that Sony's profit strategy for the PlayStation brand "limits the playbook when it comes to pricing and promotion." Rather than talk about price cuts, SCEA is attempting to "communicate the value inherent in the PS3." (Blu-ray! Wi-Fi! Hard drive!)

Dille was hopeful that consumers will recognize said inherent value -- he dropped reminders of the PS3's prospective 10-year life cycle, explaining that the somewhat costly console will "stand the test of time." Now it just has to explain the concept of a gaming console's "life cycle" to the average, console-purchasing Tom, Dick and Harry, and Sony will be made in the shade.

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