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Xandros' instant-on Presto Linux distro now available for download-o


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It looks like those itching to try out Xandros' instant-on Presto Linux distribution needn't linger in drawn out boot processes any longer, as the beta version of the OS is now finally available for download from all the usual sources. Unlike some other instant-on OS environments, Presto is designed to sit alongside Windows rather than replace it entirely, with it giving you the option of selecting Windows or Presto each time you boot your computer. If you select the latter, you should be up and running in just "seconds," and have access to all of the apps you likely use 90% of the time. Just don't expect a free ride if you find yourself getting attached to the OS, as the final version is set to demand (an entirely reasonable) $20 when it launches on April 13th.

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