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$2.4 billion US electric vehicle plan revealed, jetpack solution ignored again


You asked for it, now here comes the change... $2.4 billion dollars of it stuffed into giant sacks for those hoping to produce electric vehicles in the US. The plan unveiled by president Obama Thursday allocates $1.5B to US manufacturers to produce batteries, $400M to evaluate plug-in hybrids and to implement the infrastructure (e.g., charging stations, technician training, etc) required to support them, and another $500M for related components. As for you, the plan (now law under the $787 billion stimulus package) allocates a $7,500 tax credit to people who buy plug-in hybrid vehicles. The goal is to help the US catch up to foreign competition with regards to electric vehicle technology and to put a million "environmentally friendly" vehicles onto US roads by 2015. As Obama puts it, "The nation that leads on energy will be the nation that leads the world in the 21st century." That's why we're investing all our dough in a sure thing like Steorn.

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