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iPhone 3.0 Friday roundup


Tuesday's iPhone OS 3.0 announcement has left the interwebs even more iPhone-obsessed than usual. If you find digging through all this information overwhelming (or, if like me you were out of town when OS 3.0 was announced), check out this round-up of news, opinions and videos. The only thing missing is a beta copy of OS 3.0 and that's already floating around various torrent sites.

If that's not enough, be sure to check out our continuing iPhone OS 3.0 coverage.

Watch the OS 3.0 presentation -- Were you left off the invite list too? Check out the video in HD or SD at the link above or in iTunes [iTunes link] as a video podcast.

Engadget's iPhone OS 3.0 Hub -- Engadget has a whole page dedicated to their furious and hands-on iPhone OS 3.0 coverage, including this video walkthrough.

What Apple Didn't Announce -- Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 presentation didn't answer every question or address every iPhone issue. Our old friend David Chartier tackles what was left out.

SDK 3.0 brings more NDA fun -- Much to the chagrin of many iPhone devlopers, the NDA is back for SDK 3.0. At Arstechnica, our pal Erica takes on what this means for developers. Let's just hope the NDA is lifted as soon as 3.0 is officially released.

OS 3.0 Screenshot Pr0n -- Pfft, what NDA? iLounge has put together a great gallery of iPhone OS 3.0 screenshots, showing off what's new and improved. Love it.

iPhone OS 3.0 vs. Android
-- Lifehacker has a pretty neat comparison of features that are currently avaialable in the iPhone 2.21, stuff that's coming in OS 3.0 and what's available and coming for Android. As someone who has spent a LOT of time using both the iPhone OS and the T-Mobile G1, I'd just add that hardware and UI is actually just as important as "features" when comparing the two platforms. Right now, the iPhone absolutely cleans Android's clock -- despite having fewer "features" -- because the hardware is better (that G1 keyboard is terrible), the UI is more thought-out and the third-party software is better by leaps and bounds. (hat tip, Gruber)

Future iPod/iPhone models referenced in latest betas
-- The latest iPhone OS 3.0 SDK includes references to future iPhone and iPod models (3,1) and two other unknown devices.

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