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Last Remnant PC unplayable due to Steam activation [update]

European PC gamers got their hot little hands on the Games for Windows version of Square Enix's The Last Remnant today. Don't be too jealous, Americans -- the PCified RPG is coming stateside next Tuesday. Actually, don't get jealous at all -- according to a number of consumer reports via Eurogamer, the game refuses to accept the activation codes printed on the title's manual. Any attempt to install the game is met with a prompt informing the user the game hasn't been unlocked on Steam yet. More troubling, Steam's separate launch isn't coming until April 9.

Hopefully, Square Enix will rectify this verification blunder before the Steam launch date rolls around. We heard a rumor that most folks don't appreciate not being able to install the games they've rightfully purchased. Weird, right?

[Update: Square Enix reports that copies of the game should now be activating just fine, saying, "This issue was actually fixed early this morning so any technical glitches were resolved within a few hours."

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