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Midnight Club 'South Central' expansion delayed (again)


Oooh, look at the PS3 with its fancy-schmancy Midnight Club: Los Angeles "South Central" DLC. Aren't you fancy! No, we're not jealous that the DLC's release on 360 -- scheduled for yesterday -- has been delayed yet again. We're content to just sit here, spinning our wheels. It's kind of fun, really-- oh, who the Hell do we think we're kidding? This sucks, and we want answers. Rockstar?

"We are currently working as quickly as we can to resolve this issue, and we will notify everyone as soon as the DLC is made available." By "issue" you mean the "unforseen," last-minute bug CVG wrote about? Know what -- these delays are starting to bug.

"Thank you for understanding and your patience. Please note that this issue does not affect the DLC on the PlayStation Network -- it is currently live and available for download."
Oh, we've noted it. Right here on a list titled "Reasons We'll Be Even Less Understanding and More Impatient if the DLC Doesn't Hit Next Week." It's right under reason No. 4: "We have anger issues."

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