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Phat Loot Phriday: Gemmed Wand of the Nerubians

Mike Schramm

Not only is this wand purty, but the damage it pushes out is purty good, too.

Name: Gemmed Wand of the Nerubians (Wowhead, Thottbot, WoW-Arsenal)
Type: Epic Wand (Shadow damage)
Damage/Speed: 362 - 674 / 1.80 (287.8 DPS)
  • +27 Stamina, +22 Intellect
  • Improves hit rating by 18, haste rating by 22, and spell power by 37

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  • Seems to be the only epic wand in the game with hit rating on it. So if you need that extra HR, it's the wand for you.
  • Especially good (in fact, probably the best right now) for DPS casters, including Warlocks, Spriests and Mages.
  • And as you may have noticed by now, it is actually the "ungemmed" wand of Azjol-Nerub's Nerubians -- despite the name, there are no gem sockets on it at all.
How to Get It: You can pick it up from 25-man Naxx -- it drops from Anub'Rhekan, a big bad bug in the Arachnid Quarter. Bring him and his Crypt Guards down, win the roll (might not be an easy task, except that most groups go to Arachnid first, so that if this does drop and you need it, there's a good chance everyone else who wants it will already have it), and it becomes the Gemmed Wand of You.

Getting Rid of It: Will sell back to vendors for 15g 25s 74c, though you probably won't want to do that until Ulduar shows up on the live realms. And of course if you're in a raid and everyone who needs one already has one, it'll disenchant into an Abyss Crystal.

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