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Realtime Worlds puts out an APB for job seekers at GDC


It may be an awful time to be searching for a job, but Crackdown developer Realtime Worlds is apparently doing just fine -- and looking to share the wealth. If you're interested, all you have to do is A) attend GDC, B) be good at some aspect of game development (obviously) and C) be willing to temporarily relocate to Scotland.

In a press release titled "Realtime Worlds Offers Lifeline in Credit Crunch," the company announced plans to look for "more than 40 additional staff" at next week's Game Developers Conference. "In contrast to many other companies and sectors at the moment, our biggest challenge is in recruiting staff of the calibre, and in the quantities we need," John Duffie, Head of PR, said in the release. "Already 25% of our workforce comes from outside the UK because we aren't able to find everyone we need here."

Contract employees from outside the UK will receive "free quality accommodation" in Scotland during their tenure, and a free return flight afterward. The new positions are for All Points Bulletin and one other unannounced project.

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