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SCEA responds to February NPD, praises Killzone 2 sales


Sony sold 276K PS3 units, 199K PSP units and 131K PS2 units in February. Sales went up across the board since January 2009, but are still down from 2008 levels. Killzone 2 sold 323K copies, becoming the fifth best-selling game of the month. Depending on your fanboy bias, this is either a disaster considering the incredible hype surrounding the title, or this is a terrific accomplishment, considering the game's two-day availability in February.

SCEA's Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing and the PlayStation Network, responded to this month's NPD numbers. "In February, we had a tremendous kickstart to what promises to be another record year for the PlayStation brand with the launch of mega blockbuster hit Killzone 2, which ranked in the top 5 with only two days of sales in February and has been garnering extraordinary reviews, and a noteworthy 92 Metacritic score. We have no doubt this game will deliver a next gen experience and will be responsible for driving hardware sales throughout the year."

Once again, Dille focuses on the future for the PlayStation platform: "You can also expect an onslaught of unmatched entertainment offerings to hit across our platforms, such as genre-leading PS3 titles like MLB'09: The Show and inFamous, and new content via the PlayStation Network like movies and TV shows from NBC Universal, and an unprecedented line-up of third and first party exclusives to hit the PSP. We have no doubt 2009 will be another year of continued momentum and we remain confident in delivering the best entertainment experience to our consumers."

Hardware Sales for February 2009

-Wii: 753K74K (+11%)
-DS: 588K77K (+15%)
-Xbox 360: 391K82K (+27%)
-PS3: 276K73K (+36%)
-PSP: 199K 27K (+16%)
-PS2: 131K30K (+30%)

Top 10 Games of February 2009

1. Wii Fit with balance board - Nintendo - 644K
2. Street Fighter IV - Xbox 360 - Capcom - 446K*
3. Street Fighter IV - PS3 - Capcom - 403K*
4. Wii Play with remote - Nintendo - 386K
5. Killzone 2 - Sony - 323K
6. Mario Kart Wii with wheel - Nintendo - 263K
7. Call of Duty: World at War - Xbox 360 - Activision - 193K*
8. Mario Kart DS - Nintendo - 145K
9. New Super Mario Bros. - Nintendo - 144K
10. Guitar Hero World Tour - Wii - Activision - 136K*

* Includes Collector's, Limited and Bundled Editions

One thing PS3 fans should note are sales of the PS3 version of Street Fighter IV. Although the install base of PS3 is smaller than the 360, it appears Sony has been able to push almost as many units of Capcom's fighter as Microsoft.

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