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Xbox 360 repairs should always have the option of a 'coffin'


With all this talk of the Xbox 360's E74 error, and the continued presence of the RRoD, we are reminded of former Microsoft executive Peter Moore's request that we not focus on the Xbox's problems, but rather on the quality of the repair service. To that end, we've received conflicting reports about whether consumers are being offered the option of receiving a box -- which has come to be known as "the coffin" -- from the company, when dealing with Microsoft's customer service in India. When we took a quick sampling earlier this week using Twitter, answers were all over the map, so we followed up with Microsoft to get a clear and direct answer.

Reports that the company now requires consumers to find their own packaging when sending in an Xbox 360 for repair are "inaccurate," a Microsoft spokesperson told us. The company has always given two options and "this policy is global, not region-specific." Customers have the choice of either printing an e-Label (and providing their own box) or receiving a coffin from the company (this should take about five business days).

The representative did "confirm that the same policy applies to all scenarios, regardless of the repair." So, just to clear up any future confusion: There should always be the option of receiving a coffin when dealing with an Xbox 360 repair scenario.

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