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Vin Diesel plays WoW. Probably.

Zach Yonzon

Reader Nick tipped us to this one -- Fast and Furious actor Vin Diesel had a guest appearance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, where he alludes to playing World of Warcraft. While he plays coy about any details about the character(s) he plays, an interesting part comes when popular British host Ross reveals that his wife plays a green, Spectral Tiger-riding Level 80 character. Diesel gets up to shake Ross' hand at the mention of this, and proceeds to some helium-induced hilarity.

It shouldn't be a huge surprise that Diesel actually plays that game, considering that he's known to be a hardcore gamer and even wrote the foreword to the D&D 30th Anniversary retrospective coffee table book. In fact, he leads the discussion from D&D to World of Warcraft by saying that games nowadays are MMOs. This should corroborate what baseball player Curt Schilling has mentioned in a past interview about Diesel playing WoW. It would've been interesting to learn his class and faction (rumors say his character's name is Dish), but I guess players will just have to find that out another day. Maybe if he talks over vent, his Iron Giant voice should give him away...

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