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WRUP: Never bet against your wife edition


It's the weekend once again, dear readers, and it's rather quiet on the development front as Patch 3.1 hasn't had any major earth-shattering changes. Aside from a few cool stuff (and some uncool stuff), it looks like most of our WoW fix will be coming from the live realms. There's still quite a lot of stuff to do, of course, between now and Ulduar.

Just ask the WoW Insider team, who'll be raiding dungeons (and Universities), obtaining culinary titles, and struggling to escape poverty...

Chase Christian: I'm leading another 10m Undying attempt on Saturday, we'll see what shakes out, last week Grobbulus ruined it for us.
Michael Gray: I'm going to be testing the very limits of my infinite love from and to my Draenei fiancee . . .by she and I doing 2v2 together. May the Light have mercy on us.
Matt Low: Doing the major project boss in the University raid. Going to be cutting it close. Enrage timer's almost here and I have no wipe protection :(.
Eliah Hecht: I'm in Matt's position exactly. A bit worried about running OOM; it's a good thing we're allowed to use coffee more often than mana pots.
Elizabeth Wachowski: I'll be working on Loremaster, and unsuccessfully trying to convince people to run H-Oculus.
Daniel Whitcomb: I'm probably going to continue focusing on raising all my Death Knight's Alliance reputations up to Exalted ahead of the Argent Tournament. It's taking longer than I expected, but I have all my Alliance reputations up to revered now, so hopefully not too much longer. Also, I am about 19 points away from from 350 cooking, at which point I will only need to bake a fish feast and a cake to get the Chef title, so I may go out and forage up the fish and meat to get that done too.
Zach Yonzon: I lost a bet with my wife which resulted in me sending her 1,000 Gold, leaving me at exactly 6 Gold, 26 Silver, and 3 Copper. Although I suspect she'll send back the money, I'll be doing some dailies just to get back some dignity just in case she decides to keep the cash because of my cheekiness. Maybe. I just as likely to end up PvPing and staying poor. [UPDATE: She kept the money and I PvP'd.]
Alex Ziebart: Either chaining Heroics on my Protection Paladin or trying to level my Shaman. Most of my guild alliance's Healers have started working on alts, so we've finally been hit with the dreaded Healer shortage. I'd like to help out by Healing some groups for people, but I can't stand healing on anything but a Shaman for extended lengths of time.

Alright, friends, what are you playing this weekend?

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