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Neil Young's Blu-ray 'Archives' release back on: June 2nd for $299

Darren Murph

Take this with a huge grain of salt, but it seems that Neil Young's long (long) awaited Archives release on Blu-ray is back on track. Last we heard, the 10-disc set was shakily headed for a February release date, but given that it's March, we'd say that obviously didn't pan out. Down at South by Southwest in Austin, Young's manager Elliot Roberts was quoted as saying that the collection will now be released on June 2nd. Archives Vol. 1 1963-1972 will include 128 audio tracks (43 unreleased and 13 never-before-heard) along with thousands of images, lyrics, letters and memorabilia. The rough news is that the Blu-ray edition will run fans a shocking $299 while the DVD set goes for $199 and the CD version for $99. Better start saving up now -- worst case scenario, the June date will get bumped and you'll have three bills to blow on cheeseburgers and cookies.

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