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One Shots: Feeling nostalgic

You never really get over your first MMO. Even if the graphics were old-school like today's EverQuest One Shots, you spent way too long doing things you take for granted these days, or some of the mechanics may have been the harshest thing you ever faced, there's still that warm, bubbly spot in your heart for the game - and often, the people. Today's One Shots courtesy of Matthew G. is a real treat; a flash back to 1999, when EverQuest was shiny and new, and many of us were taking our first steps in Norrath. Matthew writes in: EverQuest's 10th anniversary has got me feeling nostalgic, so I took a look through my old screenshots of the game. This picture was taken in Qeynos Hills on my first character, and the original file is dated 5/11/1999. It certainly isn't as pretty as today's MMOGs, but damn, it looked nice back then.

If you've got a really old screenshot from your first-ever MMO still running around somewhere in your files, why not dig it out, dust it off, and send it in to us along with your thoughts on what it was like to be playing back then? We love to look back at the way things were. Just email your screenshot along with your name, the name of the game it's from, and a description to us at oneshots AT massively DOT com. We'll post them out here, and who knows? Perhaps other folks who remember when will pop by and tell us their stories too!

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