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Super Nintoaster plays SNES games, doesn't make toast

If you prefer video game consoles that look like common kitchen appliances (here's looking at you, PS3), have we got a treat for you -- contributor Vomitsaw recently put the final loving touches on his Super Nintoaster project, which, as the portmanteau-sensitive among you have probably already discerned, is a Super Nintendo. Inside of a toaster. It's safer than it sounds (we think).

It's actually Vomitsaw's second toaster-based console mod -- he crafted a regular ol' Nintoaster last fall. Sadly, neither model has been able to fulfill its kitchen appliance destiny, and won't do much to conflagrate your bread. It's probably for the best -- all it takes is one mistaken slot, and you've got a golden brown, formerly priceless copy of Chrono Trigger, which we hear is actually pretty delicious with raspberry preserves.

[Via Engadget]

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