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Fido getting ready to give 16GB iPhone 3G the pink slip?

Chris Ziegler

Well, that was quick. Actually, not really -- it's not altogether unheard of for a phone to last less than a year on a carrier before getting pulled off shelves -- but when that phone happens to be the iPhone 3G, it's bound to raise a few eyebrows. MobileSyrup reports that the 16GB version of the device will not be reordered in April by Fido once current stock depletes, leaving just the 8GB model to soldier on. Why only 8GB? Two theories, and in all likelihood, the truth lies somewhere in between both: one, since Fido's been rebranded as Rogers' value brand, it makes more sense for the high-end iPhone to live on Rogers alone; two, there's one (or more) new devices on the way in the next few months. For the world's sake, we hope the latter theory figures prominently in the equation.

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