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Gameloft says: Recession? What recession?

Jason Dobson

As the dwindling economy has most companies checking their coffers for cobwebs, developer-publisher Gameloft is sipping mojitos and enjoying a refreshing 15 percent uptake in its revenue over the previous year. In 2008, the company boasted revenue of 110.3 million euros, or $149.6 million, with profits likewise surging up 15 percent to $4.4 million during the fiscal year.

Console releases were responsible for just 7 percent of Gameloft's results, though with the company set to deal Uno onto every platform imaginable this may soon change. For now, however, it's mobile games that are responsible for the lion's share of Gameloft's newfound wealth, making up 93 percent of the company's sales as even the unemployed refuse to give up their casual shovelware fix.

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