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This Week on the Nintendo Channel: Punch-Out!!!


Yes, okay, there are three demos for DS games up on the Nintendo Channel, including one for the Monsters vs. Aliens game and the return of TrackMania. Great. Whatever.

All of that is just filler for this week's main update: this Punch-Out!! video. The pink sweatsuit is back. The full list of new things that aren't this Punch-Out!! video (and one that is) can be found after the break.


  • Monsters Vs. Aliens (expires 3/29)
  • TrackMania DS (expires 3/29)
  • Avalon Code (expires 3/29)
  • Punch-Out!! - Teaser
  • Pokemon Platinum Launch TV Spot
  • Liv Tyler Plays Zelda
  • Developer's Voice - Bit.Trip:Beat
  • Carlos Henriquez of JLCO talks and plays Wii Music
  • What is Club Nintendo?
  • EA Sports Active Info Video
  • Virtua Tennis 2009 Teaser Video
  • GTA Chinatown Wars Sniping Clip
  • Lux-Pain Video 2
  • Final Fantasy: Echoes of Time Tribes Video 2
  • Gardening Mama Info Video
  • Imagine Family Doctor Info Video
  • Pop 'Em Drop 'Em Samegame Info Video
  • MadWorld Sports Video 3

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